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    Congratulations to all the Silver Spur teams on the completion of the regular season! We hope a good time was had by all.

    Remember that Closing Day is coming up on June 3rd. The championship games are now set:

    8:30 am:  Minors Championship Game 1: Cubs @ Cardinals

    11:00 am: Intermediates Championship Game: Angels @ Orioles

    1:30 pm: Closing Ceremonies

    3:30 pm: Minors Championship Game 2 (if needed): Cubs @ Cardinals

    2:30 or 3:00 pm: Coaches Game on the pony field

    Date Day Time Field Game ID Notes
    5/13/2017 Saturday 11:00 B G1 #3 vs #4
              Dodgers (7) @ Giants (10)
    5/13/2017 Saturday 1:30 B G2 #2 vs. #5
              Yankees (8) @ Cubs (20)
    5/16/2017 Tues 5:00 B G3 Giants (16) @ Cardinals (17)
    5/18/2017 Thurs 5:00 A G4 Yankees (4) @ Dodgers (14)
    5/20/2017 Saturday 11:00 B G5 Dodgers (7) @ Giants (4)
    5/20/2017 Saturday 1:30 B G6 Cubs (9) @ Cardinals (4)
    5/23/2017 Tues 5:00 A G7 Dodgers (6) @ Cardinals (8)
    6/3/2017 Saturday 8:30 A G8 Cubs @ Cardinals
    6/3/2017 Saturday 3:30 A G9 Cubs @ Cardinals, if needed

    Home Run Totals for 2017

    Name Home Run Total Team-Division
    Allan Tsay 7 Major Dodgers
    Kendall Ward 3 Major Dodgers
    Nico Simonian 3 Major Cubs
    Brendan O'Donnell 2 Major Cubs
    James Worsham 1 Major Dodgers
    Itai Conforty 1 Major Cubs
    Hudson Sinik 1 Major Dodgers
    Jacob Ma 1 Intermediate Orioles
    Nick Cosgrove 1 Major Dodgers
    Will Deley 1 Major Cubs
    Takuya Wakuda 1 Major Dodgers

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    Trivia Questions

    Interested in a little Baseball Trivia? Follow the link!

    CNN: Should Our Kids Throw Curveballs?

    CNN provides insightful information on the safety of curveballs for our little leaguers.

    Big News for Bats!

    Before you go out and buy that new bat for the season, be aware of the moritorium on many composite bats enforced by Little League International. Go to this link for Little League International rules on bats. 

    If you need a new bat for 2017 but don't want to spend $300++, check out this video on how to get an Easton Mako for less.

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